Weekly Running Log Rundown

Maintaining my running schedule and returning to work, like:

But, I am doing it and that counts for something.

Sunday: And just like that, we are back in Sarajevo. It feels good to be back and running!

Monday: I slept exactly zero hours last night but got myself out running, busted out and broke in a new pair of Hokas, and watched the sunrise over the bridge Franz Ferdinand was on when he was assassinated.

Tuesday: Finally got some sleep so that helped me make through the run.

Wednesday: I woke up by dragging myself out of bed. I am still fighting jet lag with the added challenge of rising early for a run and then work. Got it done though! Heck yes.

Thursday: It was the first day of school with the kids today so I needed a little extra sleep. That means rest day in terms of running.

Friday: Early wake ups to catch the sunrise and get my run in before work.

Saturday: It’s the weekend! That means I got to sleep in, drink coffee and read for as long as I wanted, and read to my son. Then I was a powerhouse up the some serious hills. I earned lunch in Old Town and the chocolate chip cookies I just made for family and friends.


Happy running and stay rad!


Weekly Running Log Rundown

From small injuries, to running with my kids, to hiking the mountains of Idaho, it has been a varied and interesting week in my running life.

Sunday: I wanted to run hills today but my knee had other plans. Flat path it is. It is much better after foam rolling though.

Monday: When the husband is away, we will still find a way to run. Proud of my son for doing 10k on his bike and saying it was easy.

Tuesday: Running with my loves. Can’t believe my little man can do 10k on his bike two days in a row.

Wednesday: I hit the trails today because I was sans children. Slow and easy on the dirt.

Thursday: Enjoying my last runs around Boise. So safe. So clean. Paths meant for running and biking. I will miss this.

Friday: Grateful that the smoke has started to clear a bit. Headed out camping tonight and needed to still get my run in before leaving.

Saturday: Two hikes in one day. We hiked into Deep Lake, not realizing it was a shorter trek, so went hunting for another lake, Lake Rock Lake. Not a bad way to spend your day off of running.

Happy running and stay rad!

Weekly Running Log Rundown

The week didn’t start off that great in the injury sector. It has ended much better than it started.


Sunday: Took the day after the marathon off to recover. My recovery time has been much shorter in recent years.

Monday: I went slow and easy. B joined me on his bike. It was good to get some good quality time in with my son. He is a good conversationalist.

Tuesday: Felt pretty good considering my legs are still a bit wobbly from Saturday’s race.

Wednesday: Taking it easy but definitely should not have run on this foot. I went to get a deep tissue massage yesterday. My plantar fasciitis is back now. This sucks. Also, California and Oregon are on fire– the smoke has traveled to Idaho making outside sports a little bit less fun.

Thursday: My foot is starting to get back to normal, but it is still hurting and not even close to 100%. The elevation felt good tho.

Friday: This is not my week. My PF seems to have improved but now my knee hurts from that same deep tissue massage.

Saturday: I wrapped my knee yesterday and in the morning, foam rolled, and crossed my fingers. It worked. My knee had no issues and I managed to complete my race as first place woman, second place overall runner.

While that massage caused some serious issues in the short-term, I think my PF may be completely gone now. Things are on the up and up.

Happy running and stay rad!

Weekly Running Log Rundown

I was feeling pretty dead this week. So, I listened to my body and went slower.

Sunday: My legs were hella tired today. Two half marathons in one week, both sub 1:45 half’s, had my legs asking for a recovery run–slow n’ easy.

Monday: Shortie run. Had to get out of town and needed to hit the road early. Running can be time consuming. Good fun nonetheless.

Tuesday: Went for a beautiful trail run. I stopped and talked to quite a few day hikers and backpackers. After talking with them decided to take the family to Alpine Lake later that day. Ended up doing over 24 kilometers (I started my Garmin late on the hike). Wonderful day but certainly earned some beers by the end.

Wednesday: After 24 kilometers yesterday, I decided to take a day off this week.

Thursday: Feeling a bit sluggish but got out there and feel better for it.

Finally got around to listening to Ear Hustle. A very well done podcast that will be making the routine circulation in my audio experiences.

Friday: Felt pretty wiped out this week. Not running at peak performance but also feel okay with that. Sometimes your body just needs to take it easier.

Saturday: I decided to go to the trails today. The Oregon Trail. It was hot and dusty. Still feel like taking it slow, so am listening to my body.

Happy running and stay rad, my friends!

Weekly Running Log Rundown

Hey, hey! I hope you are having a lovely summer weekend!

Here is my running log rundown for the week. Sunshine with a chance of sunshine this week.

Sunday: The in-laws were in town, I so tried to get out earlier than most of my summer runs have been. I don’t want to make them wait to long for me.

I am getting ready for a double half marathon this week and consequently wanted to go at a chiller pace and not go above 10 km. I call it micro-taper.

Some new socks I am trying out. What do you think?

Monday: I didn’t feel too well today. Headache and stomachache for the last day. Running seemed to help me feel better somewhat though. Doing a slight taper for that  half marathon coming up.

Tuesday: Rest day before tomorrow’s half marathon, so I went on a short 3.5 km hike with the family.

Wednesday: Race day! Firecracker Frolic half marathon. 1 hour, 44 minutes. Pretty happy with my time. It wasn’t exactly flat. A few hills that made it hard to try for a PR. Nice, small event. 2nd female, 3rd overall.

Thursday: Recovery run day. My legs felt fine after the race, but I could tell I needed to take it a bit easy. Nice to get out on the trails. Hill work was a good change of pace!

Friday: Rest day before tomorrow’s half marathon. Did a lot of fattin’ out.

My son made me an amazing poster for my race tomorrow.

Saturday: Race day!

This was the first race I ever did six years ago and the third time I have done this half. It is an excellent race course–flat, pretty, well-attended. Pretty stoked to get 2nd place in my category–fifth female overall. Cheers!

Weekly Running Log Rundown

How I felt this week:

Sunday: Sunny Sunday here in Boise. Saw my first snake of the season, some natural artwork left by a fellow Idahoan, and even ran into a friend biking the path with her crew.

Monday: Mondays are supposed to be my day off from running, but I decided to get the family out. They rode bikes and I ran along beside them. It was hot, but fun was had by all (most of the time). I am proud of B–9.5 kilometers on a bike in mid-day sun isn’t easy and he is only six. We took a break at the turn around point to get artisan fries at the Boise Fry Company. Check out the sauce collection!

Tuesday: A quiet morning out on the greenbelt listening to my audiobook. Not many people out on this Tuesday sunny morning. I slept 9.5 hours last night and I think that is why I was able to do a 5:14/km pace. Hope I can keep this pace going!

Wednesday: I was feeling the fresh air and sunshine. I took it somewhat easy as I can feel my body may need to take a day off soon. I am on a two week streak currently.

Thursday: Hit the trails today. It is always good for me to do hill work. I can tell my legs aren’t as used to going up hill so it challenges me in all the right ways. The morning was quiet and peaceful–grateful to be in Idaho this summer.

Friday: I have been putting off taking a day off. However, today was that day. On my rest day, we went on a family hike up into the pine trees of Bogus.

Saturday: I upped the challenge today and brought Lady H along. She loved it, and I got my heart rate up. It was also a great bonding experience.

Running Log Rundown

Blue skies, bust out those thighs.

It has been gorgeous, sunny spring-like weather–optimal for running. My Vitamin D fix has been satiated. Every day I wake up and am grateful that I get to run without putting on layers and layers of fleece-lined spandex, nor facing such hot and humid conditions that slow me down and make me feel completely shattered.

Here is a rundown of the last week+.

Friday, June 1:

For my morning run, I ran a fairly easy pace, just enjoying the run. I started listening to the audiobook “Let Your Mind Run” by Deena Kastor, providing inspiration.

In the afternoon, I started an Elementary Running Club, so I got to run with my students on the track near our school. Spring showed its true colors when thunder, lightning, and a downpour started, so we headed to the indoor track nearby. My GPS was confused.

Saturday, June 2nd:

When I went on a field trip with my students to the cable cars, you could see there was a trail that followed beneath. I heard tales from a local assuring me there is a trail that one can take from the base of Trebević Mountain. I set off determined to find it. I gave it the good old college try, but to no avail. I did find some super aggressive stray dogs and some disgruntled waste collectors. Meh. Gives me something to hunt for in the future. The silver lining? I did get in some good elevation gain.

Sunday, June 3rd:

To Trebević Mountain I go. There is a fun park for the kids where they can play on a bouncy castle, giant trampoline, feed swans, and generally run around in a safe fenced off area with Mr. G, while I run the Sarajevska Climb into Bosnian countryside. There are fields, horses roaming the roads, and clean air. The small-town girl inside of me loves it.

After my run, we went on one of the many hikes in the area. Spending Sunday in nature is one of the ways our family reconnects to what is important to us.

Monday, June 4th:

Mondays are usually my day off, but since I do the Elementary Running Club on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, I did a short run with them. I started running with the kids for the first kilometer, but then decided I wanted to see if I could maintain a faster pace for the last 3 km. I was pretty pleased with this time, but I think I have the ability to improve.

Tuesday, June 5th:

This particular route offers some elevation gain, which is harder for me to get done during the usual Tuesday-Friday runs. Hills take more time, which I am always short on during a work day. I tried to run a little faster than usual on the hills this time to get the distance and pace in and still make it to work on time.

Wednesday, June 6th:

Running happy! This run just felt good. The sun was out, the park was green, the birds were awake.

Thursday, June 7th:

Work has been full-on lately and it took every ounce of mental strength to get my body out of bed, into running clothes, and out the door. I felt better for it. I have yet to come across a run I regretted. Feet first, feelings later.

Friday, June 8th:

Just was happy it Friday, the sun was out, and I felt alive. Purposefully chilled out pace.

Saturday, June 9th:

We took the kids down to the path by the river. They ran and played around while I took off down the path, over Goates Bridge, and into Trebević Mountain again from a different direction than previous runs. This is one of my favorite running routes. I ran past rock climbers, other runners, cyclists, a 16th century bridge, and on to some pretty impressive views. I threw in a few hill repeats for good measure.

I also got to run a kilometer with my son. My mama heart was happy.


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Sunday, June 10th:

We had a late night at our school’s staff party the night before–not going to lie, I was a tad bit hungover for this one. Running helps with that. I think running helps with everything though, so take that with a grain of salt. So, it was a late start for me and we had some activities planned to do with the kids. I would have run farther if I had started earlier, but the clock was ticking and I needed to get back to still get my much needed family time in. I went for elevation gain instead of distance.

Monday, June 11th:

Mondays are hard enough. They are my day off.


There is always room for improvement. I want to concentrate on getting faster, but I don’t want to increase my speed too quickly. No one has time for injuries. Hopefully over the course of the next few months I can improve my times.

Keep running and stay rad, my friends.