Mores Creek Summit

Outside of Idaho City

Mores Creek Summit


Okay, so we didn’t make it to the summit. We made it maybe half-way today. I figure it means we have a goal for next summer to make it to the summit.

We did a convoy thing with my mom and her husband to a trail that they randomly found a few years ago. It is about an hour or so away from home, so not bad. The drive is gorgeous. Windows down, Tom Petty on.


I put Lady H on my back and we started on our way. It is actually just a dirt road, not a single track, but we only saw two pick-up trucks while hiking. The day got hot quickly, we were all thirsty after about 5 minutes, and Lady H felt heavy going uphill. We were all in pretty good spirits though with no real need or desire to make it all 8 plus miles this time.


How lucky are we to have this wonderful woman hiking with us? My mom is pretty impressive–she still hikes up to 7 miles every day. She also is an amazing grandmother to her grandbabies.


Lady H figured out how to get herself into the pictures.

Grandpa Mike was throwing big rocks off the road onto the steep hillside. Lady H was wondering what was going on here.


Mr. G taking a break.


Father and daughter
Few shirts fit me better. Mountain Mama.
Top of the world, this girl.

Super proud of Lady H today. She hiked the whole way down and with much enthusiasm. Conquering one mountain at a time.

Fast feet



Idaho views

After the hike, we went to my all time favorite diner in all of the United States. That may sound like a mighty claim, but you if you have tried their patty melt and coconut cream pie, you would agree.

Post-hike and post-patty melt, I drove us home with the windows down, Fleetwood Mac on this time. Everyone passed out, while I had some pretty awesome quiet time to myself.

Happy hiking and stay rad, my friends.


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